Our Story

We began My Cleverbox with a simple idea: to create a range of plastic-free lunchboxes to enable both kids and adults to reduce their waste, by using reusable, healthy, toxin-free containers.

Here’s our story….

Of course, it was my own children that inspired me. Specifically, my three daughters Olive, Florence and Elsie who all take a packed lunch to school. Not only did I want to pack them healthy food, but I wanted the container it sits in to be healthy too.

Having already set up a successful online business selling eco-friendly reusables, I really wanted to bring out my own range of stainless steel lunchboxes. A range I can call my own, and be truly passionate about…so the idea for a My Cleverbox range was born!

With so much in the media about the devastating effect plastic pollution is having on our planet and the rise of the movement to live plastic-free and waste-free it felt like the perfect time to work on my own range of plastic-free containers. Awareness was – is - escalating, more people are making conscious choices when it comes to plastic waste so with lunch being one of the most packaging heavy meals of the day, our stainless steel lunchboxes are providing a practical solution.

As glass is heavy and impractical for children, stainless steel was the natural choice so we set to work finding a manufacturer to work with. We wanted to ensure that the manufacturer we work with values labour standards, and practices fair, safe trade and that there are no children working in their factories.

When the manufacturer was found and product design confirmed, we then set to work on the product imagery and packaging. This is where our friends came into the picture! It’s been a labour of love, and I have been lucky enough to have had the support of my (very creative photographer and designer) friends, as well as my husband and four children who have all tried and tested the range of lunchboxes very robustly!

I really hope you and your family enjoy your My Cleverbox lunchbox, and that you feel motivated to join the plastic-free movement. Together we can make a difference, one (zero waste) lunch at a time.


My Cleverbox Founder


P.S. We love seeing what you have in your My Cleverbox lunchbox, so take a picture and tag us using the hashtag #mycleverbox we’ll repost and send little gifts to the ones we love!